Ruby and Rose

The babies have a named Ruby and Rose. Ruby is the darker colored one and Rose the lighter chick.

They are peeping right along. It’s nice to see them sitting like chickens should, versus splayed out looking half dead, like they were yesterday. These chicks have a voracious appetite and are very active. When I walk by their home, they scuttle over to a corner to hide under a towel I placed over their box to keep in the warmth.

I held them for just a short time today to accustom them to being handled. It’s so much easier when they grow up, if they are used to being picked up. When they begin to get new feathers, chicks are thrilled to be scratched around the head, helping the feather covering to come off and easing their itching.

The chicks don’t know it, but they dodged a bullet today. I was enlisted to watch my youngest granddaughter this afternoon, and at one point had three of my grandchildren and a grandniece in my driveway. I kept my mouth shut about the babies since everyone had places to get to and my niece was taking the youngest home, leaving me responsibility free. I figure I’ll give the chicks a little more time to settle in before introducing them to all my grand-kids.

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