Bloody Egg

Happy Halloween! I thought it was appropriate that my chickens provided us with a gruesome egg today.

In the past, I’ve had chickens lay eggs with speckled shells, though not consistently. I always wondered why all the eggs that particular hen laid didn’t have spots. Now I know!

Yesterday, when I collected eggs, one egg-shell had spots on it. In the right light, the spots were red, so I washed the egg. All the spots came off. That had me curious and just a little concerned because I have no experience with this issue and have no idea which hen laid the egg. It was definitely not Ethel – her eggs are huge and oddly shaped, so it was either Rose or Ruby, but which one?

I checked online and found that blood spots on egg shells is a common occurrence and nothing to worry about. A capillary in her oviduct ruptured and created the spots. I’m just glad the blood was on the outside instead of the inside, which happens sometimes too.

I’m no longer getting three eggs every day. They’ve tapered off to two a day, which is a gracious plenty. I wonder if these girls are going to be affected by the waning sunlight as winter approaches. I’ll keep you posted.

And if you want to see an interesting site, check out Two Creative Chicks. You can find them on facebook and youtube. They posted one video on youtube of a chicken band.

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