Ruby and Rose are continuing to change daily.  They are now in a tall box because they kept sticking their heads out through the bars on the top covering the small box. Ruby has a row of baby feathers in a straight line down her chest which looks rather strange. I’ve been trying to take pictures of the girls to show you guys, and, well, you see what I got – nothing to show what I’m talking about.

I wonder if the girls are eating the baby feathers as they come out –  maybe for extra protein? With all the shedding of baby feathers they are doing, downy feathers should be wafting up as the girls move around. When I had them out today playing in the kitchen, they were pulling feathers off one another. They are adorable to watch grooming each other. The only place they have down now is under their wings, on their heads and the stripe Ruby is sporting.

Both of them have come to recognize my hands as safety, warmth (although my massage clients would contest that statement) and adventure. When I place my hand in front of them, they either snuggle into it or climb aboard for a ride.

Baby chickens poop A LOT. They were out with me in the kitchen for an hour and I swear I cleaned up twenty-five poops. Since I was busy making skin cream while they roamed the kitchen, I figured cleaning the poops up as they happened, would prevent the accidental soiling of my socks. Their box has to be cleaned up every day now. I’m really looking forward for some warm days so I can put them outside to play in the grass in their run.

Ruby and Rose
In the Kitchen

I know there are more changes to come. Even bigger poop is just one of them.

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