Changing It Up

I’m changing up the dialog here on City Cluckers. I’ll still crow about the hens, but sometimes chickens are just chickens and have nothing exciting to tell. In those moments, I’ll talk about other subjects that hold my interest.

Things often happen in life that are hard to accept, but in the end, they bring about positive change. For instance, several years ago, my neighbor sprayed my blueberry bushes with roundup a week before harvest time. In the moment, I was pissed they ruined my ability to pick and eat my organic blueberries. AND, because they tainted my land and I dug up and moved the bushes farther from the fence line, I created enough room to build a Sweat Lodge in my backyard. Having the Sweat Lodge in my backyard had been a dream of mine for eighteen years. Voila` positive change from a negative situation.

This past fall, my dad was having physical problems and decided he needed to live with someone, so I rearranged my home to give him private space to live with me. As it turns out, he got over his physical handicaps through rehab and after a six week vacation with me, went back home. I decided not to re-establish myself in my old bedroom and den, just in case dad needs to come back sometime in the future. I don’t want to go through all the downsizing and rearranging again. In creating space for dad, I now have my dream of a healing retreat right here where I live. People can come stay with me, either Air B&B wise and tour the town, or come stay with me and do healing work- Sweat Lodge, eat organic food, massage, yoga, sound therapy….  I have a bedroom suite/bath for them and the den is now a sound meditation/yoga studio and classroom. Never, in a million years, would I have figured that solution out on my own. I thought I should have 125 acres with all kinds of fancy facilities to make a healing retreat work, and here I am, living in town, making it happen here where I am. More positive change! Gotta love it.

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