Comb Overs

When you buy pullets, you never know exactly what they will look like. Take Rose and Ruby. At the onset, I could tell Ruby would be darker than Rose and that’s as much as I could tell. Rhode Island Reds have a typical look that I’ve come to expect.

As they have matured, their color has remained true. Both girls have reached Ethel’s height. Ruby has the beginnings of wattles and comb. I’d say she looks butch, only in chicken speak the opposite is true. She has a small, upright comb so far and virtually no wattles.

Rose, on the other hand, has grown quite the comb. If she were a movie star, she’d be Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. Her comb flops over looking like it could cover one eye in a sexy, peek-a-boo style. Her wattles are not fully developed yet. In human terms, she’d be very feminine, while in chicken terms, quite male. I’m holding my breath hoping she, is really a she. The tail feathers still look very hen-ish. So far, so good.

And Rose was the skittish one – still is to an extent. She’ll raise a warning in a heartbeat and flutter around raising dust. Interesting though, she has become very bold as well. She surprised me the other day as I had my head in the hen-house cleaning out the poo by jumping at a button on my pants. No, I didn’t hit my head on the door frame when I felt the peck, but I could have.

Both girls have decided Ethel isn’t so scary any more and pay her no heed when she tries to warn them off some particularly succulent grass or juicy corn cobs. They just delve right in beside her.

I’ll keep you posted as to what sex the youngin’s turn out to be. Egg laying will be a dead give away.

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