The rats have defeated me. I have tried everything I know to eradicate them and yet they continue to plague me. This morning was my breaking point.

I love blueberries. The rat’s tunnel leads directly into the blueberry patch. Nothing has deterred them from using the tunnel. If I used a brick to fill the hole, they dug around it. Stuffing wire mesh in the hole and covering the ground over and around the tunnel with wire mesh weighed down with cinder blocks, did nothing. I even buried an unfortunate rat who was caught in the snap trap in the tunnel. They didn’t care. Then I found green blueberries all over the top of the chicken house. That was the last straw.

As much as I hate it, I have stooped to rat poison. I know, worst idea to date. I’m hoping that since the rats don’t venture outside the chicken and blueberry area they will not be eaten by any other animals. I apologize to the rats for making them suffer a drawn out death and to any animal that might unsuspectingly eat them if they decide to leave the enclosure. I’ll be keeping a watch out for them and bury them quickly.

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