Door Crafting

I have fabulous plans for the use of the back half of my house. I originally cleared out the back bedroom and den so my dad could come live with me. He opted to go back to his home to live, leaving me with this unused area. I decided not to move myself back into that space, but instead to create a long dreamed of inspiration. This is to become my H.E.A.L.T.H. Retreat. (Healing Energies Align Lovingly Through Harmonics) I’m excited about it.

In order to make this venture work, I needed to craft a couple of doors, one for the bedroom, and one for the closet. I don’t think curtains will suffice anymore.

I am not a cabinet-maker. I have never managed to make anything truly square in my life. The bedroom door was fashioned with some fence panels a friend, who owns a precision lumber company, had made for a client, who then opted to go with something else. I decided to make a barn door for that opening; apparently they’re all the rage. This door fell together with ease.

I tried to get Lowe’s to special order panels for the closet door. I want there to be four panels, opening in the middle, with two panels on each side sliding to the edge of the doorway, and I want there to be spaces (Louviers are possible, but more complicated to do.)  for air to flow through the closet. Lowe’s was a no go on the special order.

Again, my friend with the lumber company had some small “slats” she had created for a client, who didn’t want them. Bless her! She cut some specialty true dimension wood for the sides of the doors for me, so the door hardware will fit, and along with the slats I’m in business. These doors however, need to be square and well fitted.

I have a rudimentary understanding of how this should work, and I do have a square “tool”. I am hoping these doors will flow as easily as the bedroom door.

I’ll keep you posted.


Bedroom Door

Seriously not wider at the top – that’s an optical illusion.



The proposed closet doors in the planning stage.

I know, already not square. Give me time!

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