Down Fall

My backyard neighbor is having a tree removed near the chicken yard. Actually, so far, it was one relatively small tree and one gigantic old pine. I don’t know if there will be any others removed; we’ll see what tomorrow brings, as they haven’t finished with the ginormous tree yet.

I’m wondering what the chickens think when the tree parts fall. The falling pieces really jolt my house, which is further from the tree; theirs is right beside the tree! Ethel was kind enough to go ahead and lay me an egg, despite the racket. Tomorrow, the main trunk will come down. That should be jarring.

I left all the girls in their enclosure, figuring the tree removal was enough of a shock for them. And it’s supposed to rain for the next few days, so I suspect they’re going to be a tad tired of being penned in by the time it’s all over with.

I graze for them when they can’t get out to do it for themselves. There’s plenty of greenery to harvest, at least until I mow.

I did, finally receive my new lawnmower. It’s strange to have a lawnmower come in the mail vs. picking one out at the store. I think it’s the lazy woman’s way to shop, although I did have to go down to Lowe’s to order it. I tried three times to place my order via the phone, to be disconnected each time. I know, I could have ordered it online with minimal hassle, but my computer is ancient and I don’t like putting my credit card number out there in the ethers. No telling who will snatch it up.

I was busy working in the yard, covered with dirt and sweat and wearing really unfashionable clothing when I decided to place my phone order. After being cut-off three times, swearing, I washed up minimally, changed my clothes and headed to Lowe’s, thinking I’d complain about their phone service. And it was Easter. And the folks I worked with in person were so nice. I told them I was sorry they had to work on Easter and thanked them profusely for taking my order.

I was told it would be faster to have the mower delivered to my home vs. the store. Well, why not. Saved me a trip and having to load it in the car. The mower arrived today, four days later, instead of the ten days they told me it would take.  It was pretty simple to assemble and I used twist ties for the cord restraints that weren’t in the box. (This is an electric, plug-in mower.)

Looking for spare time and pretty weather to get out there and test my new mower.


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