First Green Egg

It’s finally happened. One of the young hens has laid her first egg. I went out to feed the girls and when I donned the poop removal gloves in preparation to clean out the nest box, to my surprise, there was a green egg nestled in the straw. I’m thinking it was Charlotte because I’ve seen her in the nest box a few times practicing, but I’m not quite sure. I’m going to have to get up mighty early to catch whoever it was, because the second green egg was laid in the early hours of the morning as well. I expected to hear a lot of conversation from the hens when they started laying eggs, being as it’s quite a feat pushing an egg out the first time. They have been mute about the whole experience. I was happy her first egg was hard-shelled and nicely formed. I used it this morning to make pancakes and the yolk was a beautiful orange-yellow. Easter will be fun this year with different colored eggs to put in the basket.

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