Grass Fed

It’s corn season and the girls are thrilled when I come out laden with corn husks, silks and cobs. Of course they wish I was a lackadaisical eater and left more on the cobs. They love corn silks almost more than the cobs, which surprised me.

The two chicklets are getting bolder with Ethel. I’m no longer concerned that they might miss out on a meal. Rose is still a might flighty, which sets Ruby off. That only happens when I go out there to drop off goodies or work around their yard. I’ve never seen such a nervous Rhode Island Red – I’d expect it of a Leghorn.

We’ve been having so much rain that mowing the grass is an issue. You either have to mow it more frequently than you’d like in order to catch a decent mowing day – or hour – or wait til you need a bush hog.

I have a lawn guy come mow the front yard. We set up an every other week schedule, which hasn’t worked very well this week. I’ve been telling my neighbors I’m letting the grass reseed itself even though it’s a holiday and everyone else has taken extra care with their yards. It seems to rain every time he’s due to mow. Sometimes he sneaks in and does it a day or so early, but I’m betting he has a long list of folks who want their grass cut for the holiday and couldn’t sneak in here this time. Of course, he could surprise me and show up tomorrow, on the holiday, to mow.

The girls felt cheated when I dumped the grass clippings in their yard the other day. I had mowed five days before and after looking at the weather forecast decided I best go ahead and mow again. Usually I dump the bag at least ten times – it only needed to be dumped three times the other day. Sure made the job a lot quicker, not having to start and stop all the time.

I’m sure the girls love this wondrous and plentiful growing season as much as I do.

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