Hurricane Irene

Before hurricane Irene visited us last weekend, I pondered catching the chickens, putting them in a dog crate in the shelter of the garage, but then thought better of it. First, Carol, Charlotte and Rosie would be next to impossible to catch and the trauma of trying might be harder on them than the storm. Second, what if a tree fell on the garage or the water came up too high? Many times, outdoor creatures instinctively know how to protect themselves so I opted to leave them be. Even though I question their smarts, instinct should be a different matter, right?

When I went out to check on them during the storm they were unhappily huddled together under the ragged tarp covering the coop looking like the proverbial “wet hens”. It was amazing they were all three together because Carol tends to show the young’uns who’s boss and they keep away from her.

One would have thought they would all be inside the coop to be out of the wind and rain? Apparently hens stay outside in the day light no matter what the weather is like.

The hurricane didn’t dampen Carol’s ability to lay eggs. We had wind and rain for two straight days and she laid an egg both days. Way to go Carol.

After all the rain, the chicken run needed cleaning. I made sure, after the last cleaning escapade to put the netting securely over the gate to prevent Charlotte and Rosie from repeating their grand escape. Good thing too, because they definitely tried to get out. After their initial panic over my presence with the rake and wheelbarrow, they settled down and behaved. There was no escape this time. They all enjoyed the feel of dry straw under their feet.

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