It’s Freezing Out Here

I took a trip during one of the coldest two weeks thus far this winter. Some serious cold weather was happening. When the “snow bomb” hit the east coast, I was down in the Deep South returning my dad to his home in Mobile, AL.

I lined up my regular chicken tender who lives across town and because I was worried about the reported below freezing temperatures stretching through my time away, I enlisted the help of my next door neighbor to be the early morning chicken waterer.

I knew that the chickens needed water more than anything else, and with the freezing temps lasting all day, they would need to be offered unfrozen water several times a day.

My neighbor did an exemplary job of making sure they had water, going out before he went to work and checking again when he came home for lunch.

Unbeknownst to me, two other friends were also helping me out. They reported their doings after almost a week of kind care.

My regular chicken tender had a four-wheel vehicle and actually traversed town on slippery roads to be there for the chickens at least once a day.

The chickens all survived the inhospitable weather. The only thing they suffered was mild frost bite of their combs. Can you believe they laid eggs all through that time?

I am ever grateful for all my helpers.

2 thoughts on “It’s Freezing Out Here”

  1. Frostbite! I imagine that would hurt, but if they laid eggs that whole time, I guess they were sort of, kind of okay. Did they recover from the frostbite, or is there lasting damage?

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