No Shit, Who Knew?

I swear, the rats are still getting the best of me. They’ve cleaned up two trays of poison food and the chicken house is still covered in rat poo and green blueberries – and they’ve dug a brand new tunnel into the blueberry patch. Rats must be like cockroaches and develop an immunity to poison.

I went to the farmer’s market and my favorite vendor warned me to clean up all the rat droppings because if the chickens eat it they will die. Seriously! So there I am every day, whisk broom and dustpan in hand, sweeping the crap from the roof into the dustpan, making sure every turd is accounted for. There’s nothing I can do about the poop they do in other places.

I moved the chicken’s feeder out into the middle of their yard so no rat butts will hang over the roof to drop poop into the feeder. I’m vigilant about checking on my girls to make sure they are feeling OK. I don’t know what can be done for them if they ever do show signs of poisoning. I’m going to feel like a real heel if they die.

So no more poison use for me. My mind is whirring with ideas. Sticky traps, sitting out at night with a BB gun…  I hate being outsmarted like this. If anyone has any ideas that aren’t poison, I’m open to suggestions.

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  1. Shopping centers play classical music to keep teenagers from loitering. With that in mind, try a little Beethovan—maybe that’ll help… 😉

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