Okra Slime

I need to do clucking about some things that are on my mind.

They finally stopped making the razor blades for the razor I’ve had since 1995. Each razor blade held two blades and lasted a long time. There was no lubrication; you used soap or a shaving gel to get a good glide. I thought it did a fine job.

I went out and bought a new razor. This one has five blades and lubrication built-in so all you need is water. It is the Equate brand.

The first time I used my new razor, okra slime came pouring out to lube my legs. I was totally grossed out and tried to find where the slime was coming from so I could remove the offensive part. I never found it. It was difficult to rinse the slime off my legs and underarms. And somehow they have made this razor so the lube never quits. The blades give out after a couple shaves, the slime never.

You should know a little about my background with okra and why I have trouble with that particular veggie and slime.

As a young child, with parents who were born and raised in the north, I was never introduced to things like okra, country ham, or grits.

I was invited to my friend’s house for dinner, where they served country ham and boiled okra. I don’t remember what else was served, because those two items hit my palate hard. The ham was so salty I thought my mouth would shrivel up, which is probably why they paired boiled okra with the country ham, to give your palate some moisture.

My friend’s sister, seeing my face as I shoved the okra around on my plate made a big production of moving her okra around to collect all the slime she could. When she lifted the okra to her mouth, the slime stretched like snot from her plate to her mouth. I almost gagged as she slurped it up and swallowed.

To this day I can’t eat okra in any of its myriad forms except a tad bit of pickled okra. All the other types, fried, cooked with tomatoes, put in a soup, cooked with green beans, dried, you name it, won’t make it past my lips.

So when the gunk started oozing out of my razor, I had a flashback to my youth and okra slime. I wonder what chemicals are in that razor lube.

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    1. Yes it is. I think I have to find a new razor. I’m sure that somewhere I can find the old “standard” kind that uses shaving gel or soap. Can you tell I’m not much of a shopper?

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