Open the Confounded Door

Usually when I go out to feed and water the hens, they cluck a kind greeting, ask what I have to offer them today and ask what my day holds. Sometimes there is an egg waiting for me in the hen-house. Hens aren’t consistent with their egg laying times or even days.

This morning when I went out to see them, they were mad and that sounds a whole lot different from clucking a good morning. I know exactly what they were saying. Bossy was crabby because she needed to lay an egg and couldn’t get back in the hen-house after pushing her way out the small one way door when the sun rose.

So here’s what I heard.

“Lady, get your big fat butt over here and open this confounded door right now! I have an egg in my poop shoop and it’s not waiting for anything. How could you put the door on so it only opens out? What were you thinking? Were you thinking? Don’t just dawdle, get a move on!

Guess I’ve been told. As soon as I opened the door, Bossy hopped inside, turned around in the nest and flopped down to lay her egg.

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