Roughly Three Eggs a Day!

All the girls are laying now. The new girl’s eggs are small and cute. They get a little bigger every day.

Ruby has developed a peculiar habit of squatting down, wings splayed, thrumming her feet when I come into their yard. All the girls have begun to squat when I come in. I’m not sure if it’s an attempt to have me pet them-which I do- or they desperately want a rooster. When I pet back to their tails, they promptly flag them in the air, which makes me think it’s about wanting a rooster.

Chickens have way more personality than you would imagine them to have. You wouldn’t think they would have the space for survival skills and personality in their teensy brains. It makes me realize how few brain cells it takes and how I must be majorly under-using mine.

While Rose is still a bit like Chicken Little with the sky falling, she is also very friendly and curious. Ruby has become the dominate hen and bold as you please. Ethel always greets me at the door first and her belly rules her mind.

So three eggs a day now! How awesome is that?

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