This Little Light of Mine

I’m changing the content of my blog. I hope you like it. I am calling these passionate thoughts.

There is a song called This Little Light of Mine. As a child, I sang it along with the Lutheran congregation, having no idea what it meant. For all I knew, it could have been a candle, flashlight or lamp that I needed to let shine. The song faded from memory until now.

The light is our Christ Light, our God Spark, our Buddha Nature that dwells within each of us. It is pure Love that radiates from our hearts, when we let it.

How many times do we judge and shut that light off? If we pay attention to our thoughts, we realize there are many times judgment obstructs our light. For example, walking down the street and seeing a house that is unkempt and thinking, those people need to get out and paint this house and clean up their yard. That is a judgment. We have no idea what circumstances those people live under. Maybe they are sick or injured. Walking into WalMart is a great practice ground for eliminating judgment. There are YouTube videos full of judgment about WalMart shoppers if you can’t make it to the actual store.

Being with a group is one of the hardest times to eliminate judgment. Someone will make a negative comment about somebody missing from the group, or something they have witnessed. Our immediate response is generally, to agree and add to the negativity. It’s often hard to sit back and stay mute, harder still to bring positive light into the conversation. Practice, practice, practice. And by all means, avoid starting a negative conversation.

It’s important to recognize when you are making a judgment and stop the thought right there. Immediately think a positive, loving thought to replace the negativity.

Thoughts are powerful. They create an energy of their own that flows out affecting us, the people or situation we are having the negative thought about, and everyone around us.

The more we practice letting go of judgment and seeing the world through the eyes of acceptance, the easier it is to open our hearts to everyone, allowing Love to flow and our Light to shine.

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