Tiny Eggs

Rose has begun to lay eggs. They are the tiniest, cutest eggs.

My grandkids came over the day she laid her first egg. They squealed when they saw it, cupped their hands and begged to hold it. The egg was given due honor and thanks before I cracked it into my smoothie.

Rose has been laying pretty consistently for the past four days. She doesn’t have a time schedule, like first thing in the morning; it’s all over the place. Once it was laid so late, there were two tiny eggs in the nest box in the morning. I thought maybe Ruby had started laying too, but that’s not the case. At any rate, Rose is definitely a girl, big comb and all.

I’m wondering if Ruby is feeling protective about the eggs or if I have a mole on the back of my right leg. Every time I lean into the nest box to clean it out, she takes a big peck on my calf. I’ve had to start holding out the other leg and occasionally swing it to keep her from coming over for a bite.

Won’t be long now before I can gather three eggs a day. That’ll be fabulous.

Thanks girls!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Eggs”

  1. Yay for Rose! And if they all lay every day, double yay! My girls are not consistent. I have so many, I’m never sure who is laying and who isn’t!

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