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Travel is a tad more complicated with teenage chicks. I have several trips planned and decided I should write out some instructions. Not that tending chickens is brain science, but it eases my mind to know I have some instructions to hand chicken-sitters, just in case the forget something. So here it is:


The job is a more complicated this time, with the little girls outside. Their cage opens from the top. The water is hanging from the top too, but shouldn’t be an issue with raising the top enough to remove containers. I used a simple half-hitch to secure the water to the top high enough that the girls won’t kick mess into it. You’ll have to remove it to fill it. Turn it upside down and “unscrew” it, pour in the water, screw it back together and invert. Make sure all the tabs are locked in place or it will leak all the water out in a short time. I have found it easier to tie the water container to the right height with the top of the cage closed.

Their food has a screw top as well. Fill the container with the food in the orange bag. If the bottom of the feeder still has food in it- which it usually does- without spilling, place the lip of the “jar” at the rim of the bottom and use a deft motion to invert it over the bottom and screw back on. Try to place the food where they won’t poop in it and where it won’t get wet from the water container. I know- it’s small in there!

Their box needs to be taken out daily and washed. Best to make this the first thing you do. Dump the straw out in the pile by the compost heap. I have an old toothbrush on the blue bin near the garden hose. Wash with hose and brush, invert in the grass to dry some while you are doing everything else. When you’re done with everything else, put fresh straw in it and replace- making sure the door is held back by one of the bars of the cage so it’ll stay open.

I don’t tend to worry about securing the top of the cage while I’m working out there- just “off set” it so it won’t fall in, then close it fairly securely when you’re done.

You know the drill with Ethel. Her food is in the green bag, corn is in there too- small brown bag- and oyster shells in the yellow bag outside the metal can- scoop of feed, couple handfuls of corn and a bowl of oyster shells.

Straw is in the black plastic bag by the fence and compost heap. Please put a scattering over the feces in the little girl’s pen and in their box. Make sure to put the bag back over the straw to keep it dry. Typically, the little girls go out in a run to graze everyday, but I don’t expect you to do that. It can be a pain to catch them to put them away.

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