Varmint Catcher

I was out walking yesterday and a truck advertising the capture of critters was parked in front of a friend’s house. The guy was out sprinkling god know what all over his lawn. I was afraid to ask what. I did ask him what would be a good rat bait. His answer: peanut butter and potato chips.

I have peanut butter, which we all know rats can lick off a trap leaving it clean and not spring the trap. And rats are willing to leave the peanut wedged on the bait hook alone, knowing that would be too much of a tug and instant death.

So tonight I re-applied peanut butter and since I don’t have potato chips, I used crackers. I’m sure rats can tell the difference. I was reluctant to go buy a whole bag of potato chips when one chip would do the trick. I’m hoping when I go play Bunco next Friday that potato chips will be on the menu and I can grab a couple to use later.

At some point these rats are going to become complacent and make a mistake, right?

And by the way, squirrels can be baited with Oreo’s, in case you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Varmint Catcher”

  1. A 99 cent bag of Utz potato chips would be a smart investment… a couple for the rats and the rest for you. No additives, no preservatives, and not even fried in corn oil. Yum! And if the rats fall for it, you’ll feel good knowing you gave them a top-quality final meal.

    1. Fortunately I had a picnic with my girls on Sat. and they brought potato chips- Ruffles. I tucked a few into my bag. It’s possible I need Utz though- the rats haven’t taken the bait.

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